Pina Colada is one of the most famous cocktails in the world, along with mojito and cosmopolitan. Straight from the Caribbean, and more particularly from Puerto Rico, this cocktail is a symbol of holidays in the sun, good times shared between friends and family. However, many people have somewhat forgotten the original recipe for this famous cocktail. That is why Alexis Kuperfis, passionate about mixology, is now revealing the true history and recipe of the delicious Pina Colada.

How was the Pina Colada born?

Pina Colada, meaning pineapple pressed in Spanish, is a cocktail made with pineapple, rum and coconut juice. Its history began in Puerto Rico in 1954. It would be a bartender from the Hilton Hotel, located in San Juan, who would be the originator. Indeed, the bartender, Ramon Marrero, invented it because he wanted to combine the tastes of his country in a single glass. After three attempts, the bartender managed to obtain the taste and appearance he was looking for: Pina Colada was born and immediately met with great success. Today, Pina Colada remains a popular drink.

How to prepare the real Pina Colada?

The ingredients of this wonderful cocktail are:

– 15 cl pineapple juice (if possible homemade)
– 6 cl white rum (preferably from Puerto Rico)
– 3 teaspoons of coconut cream
– Ice cubes


As for accessories, you need a shaker and a Boston shaker preferably. In the glass part of the shaker, pour in the ice cubes and then add the pineapple juice. To obtain a creamy Pina Colada, it is advisable to use coconut cream instead of coconut milk. Then add the 6 cl of white rum to this mixture.

Cover the glass of the shaker with the stainless-steel part and hit your cocktail for about fifteen seconds. As soon as the condensation of the ice cubes appears on the shaker, the Pina Colada is ready to be served.